We use KeywordSEOPro to calculate keyword difficulty (CPR). The fees are for top page positioning on Google – Google.co.uk for UK websites.

Example quotes for a website and key to our fees:-

SEO Report

We provide an SEO report with recommendations on a website and first-line keyword research – Fee £50.

This report fee is discounted from our SEO work if you go ahead with us.

Fee reduction for Websites with HomePage PageRank of 3 or More.

Positioning on Google is mainly about incoming links to the website. PageRank is Google’s indication of these links. Websites with a HomePage PageRank of 3 or more have made a good start in link power acquisition. If your website has a HomePage of 3 or more, our fees as indicated in the above table are reduced by 30%.

There is an option for on-going link power development – 20% per month – provided top page positioning is maintained.

    • Example £100 keyword
      • Top page positioning first achieved in March – Fee £100
      • April top page positioning maintained – Fee £20
      • May – dropped to page 2 – No Fee
      • June – top page positioning again – Fee £20.

For those who seek top five place positioning, we can look at the competition and provide a quotation.