Link Power Acquisition

Fees for ongoing link-building and monitoring

There is an option of ongoing monitoring and link building from the time that top page positioning on Google has been achieved at a monthly rate of 20% – provided top page positioning has been maintained. For example, the keyword ‘accountant Essex has a keyword difficulty of 6.5 (TPR). There would be a fee of £150 when a website we are working for achieves top page positioning. We will provide ongoing position tracking with RankTracker and continue to build links for a fee of £30 per month for this keyword payable only if top page positioning has been maintained.

Link Acquisition

If your website does not have good quality incoming links from other websites, it is very unlikely to achieve top page positioning on Google for any useful keywords. Search engine optimisers each have their unique way of achieving links for a website. Ideally, Google likes to see natural links but if you wait for these to happen entirely naturally, you are likely to wait a very long time.
The following is a list of issues we avoid:
1) No match between the anchor (linking) text in the incoming links and the targeted keywords on your webpages.
2) Links on webpages that have poor content.
3) Links that are not relevant to the content of the page – links must be in context.
4) Numerous repetitions of the anchor (linking) text in the incoming links.
5) Automated programs that disseminate hundreds of links on blogs and article directories.
6) Numerous adverts on the web where you can buy 100s of links– the sudden arrival of a large number of links to your website will be noted by search engines such as Google and discounted.
7) Link farms.

We specialise in acquiring genuine and appropriate one-way links to your webpages. These natural links are developed gradually and carefully over several months. We build new webpages on relevant topics as part of our SEO strategy. They are not paid links which are identified when they are out of context or they are not relevant to the context of a webpage.

Our pages are genuine and content rich. To be of value, they must over time be indexed and accrue authority on their own. In practice, our strategy works.

Example Webpage with Authority Links

An example webpage ( is presented as an example of the links we build.

This page has acquired PageRank of 3 and has 6 outgoing links. The value of each link is 3/6 laus – link authority units = 0.5 laus.

(The value of a link in terms of the amount of authority it conveys can be measured in Link Authority Units. One link authority unit is the value of a link from a web page of PageRank 1 with one outbound link. (Reference EzineArticle – written by the author of this website.)

The webpages where we place our links are genuine and the links are always appropriate.


Link- Building Requirements

We use our own program KeywordSEOPro to determine keyword difficulty – the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for keywords based on WebPage and Website Authority. With this information and knowledge of the total authorities of the planned competing pages we can calculate the amount of optimisation required to achieve top page positioning for your website to reach the top page of Google for your chosen keywords. TPR is the keyword difficulty – total webpage and website PageRanks.

Guarantees in Search Engine Optimisation – Link-Building

Google tells us that nobody can guarantee top positioning on Google. We are told this by Matt Cutts, senior software engineer at Google, head of Google’s anti-spam unit and leading spokesman in a video – @69 seconds.

Here are just a few of the reasons that preclude genuine guarantees in SEO

  • The competitors ahead of us have more links to begin with and they will continue to build links.
  • Google hides most of the links in its index which means we do not know if they index all the links and the pages where we place links.
  • We cannot be certain of the links that Google counts for our competitors.
  • There is a delay of weeks from the time a link is created to the time it is indexed by the search engines – this applies to those we are building and those created by of our competitors.
  • We use PageRank as the best indication available of the quantity and quality of links in the Google index to websites and webpages.
  • Google updates its PageRank allocation daily but updates to the public are provided at a minimum of three month intervals and even then they are out of date.
  • Google uses several decimal places (e.g. PR 3.5282915) but we are given integer results (e.g.PR 3) – there is a 10-fold difference between PR3.01 and PR3.99 as PageRank is on a logarithmic scale.

Shooting for top page positioning on Google is like shooting with a gun that fires after a delay at a moving camouflaged target when there is minimal light. The best we can do is to use link building to make our gun ever more powerful.

On Page Optimisation

We make recommendations on optimising factors on your webpages – particularly to the Page Title tag and Meta-Description. Ideally the targeted keywords should be in the PageTitle. However, Google only uses the first 65 characters in the Page Title tag which limits the potential benefits. Changes to the Page Title tag and Meta-Description do not alter the appearance of a webpage.

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